AquaticLog AquaIllumination Contest

We are announcing an exciting AquaticLog contest running from April 1st to May 31st.

To enter just take a new and current picture of your tank and update your profile picture on AquaticLog. You also must join AquaIllumination group on AquaticLog:

On June 1st we will randomly pick 2 lucky winners. Each winner will receive a Hydra 26, an external mount and a Director.

There will be a web page available shortly where you can keep track of your participation.

You do not need to currently own any Ai Equipment to enter. You may enter from anywhere in the world - as long as it is legal to do so in your country. IF shiping outside of the United States you are responsible for any taxes or duties that may result from the shipment of your prize.

Equipment Energy Consumption

You've already specified the equipment you are using for your tank. This is handy to keep track of a purchase date, when you had it running and how much you've paid. You already can hook up a reminder to it for regular maintenance.

Now wouldn't it be nice to also know how much energy your aquarium is consuming on a daily and hourly basis. Today we are bringing you this feature: simply specify your watts/hour for each equipment and how many hours a day do you run it on average. You'll be presented with a dynamic total for how many watts get consumed in 24 hours as well as how much energy you consume per hour on average (just don't show that to your significant other!).

Energy consumption is a Pro-level feature.

ReefKeeper and Reef Angel Integration

AquaticLog users have had the benefits of hooking up their Neptune Apex controllers to their account for automatic (or manual) measurement data retrieval.

Adding integration for both Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper as well as Reef Angel controller have been one of the most requested features. So today we bring you seamless integration with both of them.

Hook up one of your controllers and keep a log of your water measurements on a regular basis via AquaticLog.

Controller integration is a Pro level feature.

Radion Output Calculator

Today we are proud to announce a new and unique feature that is sure to delight any EcoTech Radion owners - Radion Output Calculator.

This online interactive calculator allows you to configure a precise control point by adjusting overall brightness and individual channels for any combination of Radion models out there and lenses. Then you will be able to see the physical spread of your lights at different water depths and the exact make up of PAR values. For your convenience you will show you which corals are best suited at what depth. You will also know the wattage at that control point.

Moving each individual slider will change the spread, PAR values and corals suitable for each depth in real time.

Put this tool to good use and let us know what you think!

Feeding Dose

We’ve got a series of exciting updates to the site scheduled over the course of next week. We’ll start off with something small, yet incredibly useful. On your Feeding page you can now specify the amount of food you have dosed. Makes keeping track of nutrients coming into the tank so much easier.

Stay tuned for more updates!

AOTM: d2mini's Reeftastic Mixed Reef

Every once in a while we feature a tank that needs no introduction, for the month of March we are featuring one of those aquariums.

AquaticLog user d2mini is quite famous in the reef circles, his 130 gallon cube has graced the pages of magazines and had inspired many aquarium and stand designs. His latest aquarium, 200 gallon reef is about to top its predecessor on every aspect: more volume, drastically more length, greater variety of inhabitants, external sump and refugium, tons more equipment and sophistication.

Aquarium dimensions are 84” x 24” x 24”, it’s been operational for over 1.5 years and is now getting to enjoy system stability, coral growth and coloration that comes with maturity. A home to many great looking fish and even greater variety of corals (LPS, SPS and gorgonians), it’s an ongoing quest for reef perfection. This aquarium’s owner seems to know a thing or two about photography, so you are in for a treat if you’ll explore its photo gallery.

This reef is powered by a carefully chosen equipment selection and in addition to the display aquarium there are many components that make up the sump and refugium.

The fish room looks like a scientist’s lab.

Finally, d2mini has been instrumental in helping AquaticLog become what it is today. His feedback and creative input has influenced the experience you get to enjoy each time you login.

So pour yourself a nice drink, sit on a couch and head over to the aquarium profile. There’s reading to do, data to explore, photos to enjoy and videos to marvel at.

Well done!