A Big Thank You to Marcin and PhotoReef

Ever since we’ve stumbled upon these wonderful pictures, we’ve been enamoured of them.

These wonderful photos of reef corals have been taken by Marcin Smok, a dedicated reefer, an aspiring photographer and an author of many aquarium photography related articles.

Marcin clearly has an eye for reef photography and a skilled ability to bring out the beauty of corals. These exceptional photos have been kindly shared with AquaticLog, for which we are extremely grateful.

Make sure to check out Marcin’s articles on reefs.com, there’s tons of useful material that is going to be of help to anyone who’s ever wondered about taking aquarium photos.

Marcin also runs a company, PhotoReef.com, based in New York City. PhotoReef team can perform professional photo and video sessions in a client’s house, help design living spaces that accompany fish tanks and other pets. They also specialize in interior photography, logo design and media advertisement. You can also purchase amazing photo prints from them.