AOTM: d2mini's Reeftastic Mixed Reef

Every once in a while we feature a tank that needs no introduction, for the month of March we are featuring one of those aquariums.

AquaticLog user d2mini is quite famous in the reef circles, his 130 gallon cube has graced the pages of magazines and had inspired many aquarium and stand designs. His latest aquarium, 200 gallon reef is about to top its predecessor on every aspect: more volume, drastically more length, greater variety of inhabitants, external sump and refugium, tons more equipment and sophistication.

Aquarium dimensions are 84” x 24” x 24”, it’s been operational for over 1.5 years and is now getting to enjoy system stability, coral growth and coloration that comes with maturity. A home to many great looking fish and even greater variety of corals (LPS, SPS and gorgonians), it’s an ongoing quest for reef perfection. This aquarium’s owner seems to know a thing or two about photography, so you are in for a treat if you’ll explore its photo gallery.

This reef is powered by a carefully chosen equipment selection and in addition to the display aquarium there are many components that make up the sump and refugium.

The fish room looks like a scientist’s lab.

Finally, d2mini has been instrumental in helping AquaticLog become what it is today. His feedback and creative input has influenced the experience you get to enjoy each time you login.

So pour yourself a nice drink, sit on a couch and head over to the aquarium profile. There’s reading to do, data to explore, photos to enjoy and videos to marvel at.

Well done!