AOTM: dtum's Winterfell Reef

We are starting off 2014 with a new feature: Aquarium of the Month.

Aquarium of the Week has been featured regularly on the site for over a year, there are now over 50 aquariums that have been picked.

This year we are raising the bar: we’ve added a new feature called “Details” - this is a place where you can provide some information about your aquarium you wish to share (Filtration, Maintenance, Lighting, etc) and it will automatically show up on your aquarium profile page.

Another new feature is an ability to mark your photos as favorite. Those photos will be the first to show up next to your aquarium details.

Aquarium of the Month will have a more complete and personal profile that will provide comprehensive details about the tank.

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Winterfell Reef. You will find out its details if you will click on the link.