AOTM: urbaneks' Viewpoints 112g Reef

This month of February we are featuring one spectacular aquarium by a longtime AquaticLog user Brad Urbanek (urbaneks). His 112 gallon reef called “Viewpoints” is quite familiar to many reef forum users out there. The tank is nearing its 3 year anniversary and is a staple for what a 3 year reef should look like.

To find out a lot more about this aquarium, its background, maintenance schedule and dosing/feeding routine read it on the aquarium profile page. Brad explains all of it, you can watch aquarium videos and even ask him some questions.

To say that Brad is a longtime user is an understatement, he was the second user to register on AquaticLog and has helped to shape the site to what it is today by laying a very solid foundation with his invaluable feedback. AquaticLog appreciates this a lot and thanks him with all our hearts. Well done, Brad.