AOTW: jr0senblum's Blue Room

This Friday we are featuring a 54 gallon reef by AquaticLog user jr0senblum.

Here are a few words from the owner:

"I had seahorses which were maintenance-heavy due to their feeding habits. They are messy eaters and eat a lot. My six seahorses required 35 PE Mysis cubes a week which overwhelmed my 55 gallon tank. Skimming, Purigen, Chemi-Pure and 25% weekly water changes were required to keep nitrates reasonable. 

Now I am looking for something on the other end of the maintenance spectrum. So, having seasoned my biological filter with the seahorse regime, I am attempting no skimmer or algae scrubber and as little equipment as possible. 

We will see how it goes…”

Find out more about this tank by visiting its profile.