AOTW: karlyboy's 66g Reef

This last Friday of 2013 we are feating another beautiful aquarium: karlyboy’s 66 gallon reef.

Here are some details from the owner himself:

"Always been keen on Fishkeeping and had a Tropical Tank for a while. Moved onto Marines with a small 90l tank, which gave me the confidence to understand the water and how to maintain stability. Took the plunge with an RSM 250, and have been pleased with the results, I use an Apex to monitor and measure,and control most of the critical elements. 

I have a TECO TR10 chiller with Heater and UV, as I have a lot of issues with Ambient temperature, I have a Kamoer dosing pump, and I use NOPOX for Carbon dosing, I am heavily stocked so I have to stay on top of everything, especially Water quality so I try to do a 35l water change every 3 days. 

I have 2 hoods one with LED’s and one with T5’s, I have not settled on which is the best for my inhabitants as yet. I use a Tunze Osmillator for ATU.”

Make sure to head over to the profile page to view the video.