AOTW: Kelly's Lazy Tank

This week we are featuring a truly unique aquarium that got a fair share of comments here at AquaticLog, take a look at this photo and you will know why.

While many aquarists keep Green Star Polyp corals, usually the effort is to contain it in one place. Well, in this case you can enjoy the lucius green mown in a saltwater tank. It takes skill and patience to grow something like this and we command the owner on it.

Head on over to the aquarium profile for more photos and info and here are a few words from the owner himself:

"This tank is my second salt water tank, it’s in Taiwan, my home country. 

I had a 30 liters small tank for 4 years before this one. It was painful to change water weekly and not easy to maintenance water quality at all. Beside that, It was a great experience and lovely sea world to my wife, kids and myself. When we moved to other city in Taiwan, I got a corner and budget to build a new tank at new home. I talked to aquarium store: I need a 60cm wide tank with lower sump and less maintenance required, water change bi-monthly. The system won’t crash even I am out of country for a month. Here it came out: a mix tank with Ca Reactor, all inside the box under the tank! 

I am member of forum. I learn a lot about aquarium from it but tentative to share my tank to others. I don’t think it is as good as those heavy equipped tank and beautiful SPS tank etc.. Early 2013, I made a compact T5 + LED light and was really satisfied it’s performance. I can’t stop myself to share the light on the forum and posted a photo of my tank as proof. 

Unfortunately and fortunately, people are more interested on the “turf” on bottom of the tank. Then I posted the photo on Aquatic Log, people also like it. It’s really a great pleasure to know my tank is not that bad, hahaha”