AOTW: Nano Reef from Holland

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This Friday we are featuring a spectacular nano reef from Holland, by user schaaped. This 8 gallon aquarium has got everyone’s attention recently and gets high points for being nicely laid out and is filled with great looking corals.

It is hard to believe that this tank has been running only 6 months.

Here are a few words from its owner, Edwin Schaap:

"First of all I am quite honoured by the fact that I could attract some attention beside the much wider, larger tanks stuffed with the latest equipment.

For me the goal was this time, after a break of ten years, having a much larger tank fullgear, a minimalistic nano-reef with the least possible aid of technical supplies. Quite hard because I loved all the novelties and developments since I stopped this hobby.

So the hardest thing was: small, no biological filtration ( besides 6 kilos of fresh cured Indonesian rock ) no skimmer .The major factors of success are I believe, the provided light and the water movement.

So, after just a half of a year I created the smallest possible environment possible for a small piece of reef, trying to get the whole thing in balance without the hardware,sensitive as I encountered by introducing fish.

Biggest issue now is the control of the war between the corals,less space more hassle. Much more species I would like to introduce but that,s the choice of having a Nano reef.

In the future for me, the only investment I would like to do is the purchase of  AI Nano/Sol, programmable. For the rest… the less is more.

Thanks to the AquaticLog, a great feature. It helped me to develop and the biggest thing,gives me a lot of inspiration.”

Well done, Edwin! To find out more, head over to the aquarium’s profile.