AOTW: OnlyTono's 125 Gallon Reef

It is Friday and MACNA is in full swing. We’d like to add to all of this excitement by featuring another Aquarium of the Week.

Antonio Gutierrez’s 125 gallon reef aquarium is a pleasure to look at, has a great assortment of fish and corals, but what strikes us the most is also the decoration of the viewing room. Now that couch is certainly not idling there most of the time.

And here are a few words from Antonio himself:

My 125 represents the next step in my addiction - my addiction to reef tanks. it started when my daughters gave me a used 50 gallon tank a few years ago. They figured I’d setup an aquarium with a few plastic decorations and a couple of fish. Boy where they wrong….

This tank has only been setup for a few months, but much of the rock and most of the inhabitants  and some of the equipment came from that old 50 gallon which I had up and running for almost 2 years. 

The star of this tank is the stand and the filtration system - I designed both from the ground up starting the design first in 3D. 

The stand is made of 1.5in - 3/16 square tube steal with a baked-on primer and blue powder coat finish with a clear coat to seal everything in. All the equipment sits on wooden platforms that nest inside the stand - this helps to minimize vibration and sound being transferred into the tank or stand. 

The filtration is made up of a 3 chamber sump system - two of which came from the 50 gallon tank. The sump system holds about 50 gallons of water during operation, but has another 20-30 gallons in reserve space.

Lighting is handled by a pair of Maxspect R420R’s and water movement is taken care of by a pair MP40’s. The whole thing is then controlled by an Apex system.

My goal was to have the display tank as clean and simple possible while making the life support systems below as interesting as the top.

Being only a few months old, I’m still getting to know the personality of this tank - dialing in the parameters, figuring out what it needs and when. but using Aquaticlog right from the beginning has made this immensely easier than with my last aquarium. Thanks Aquaticlog for making my tank the tank of the week!