AOTW: rdricken's 92 Corner

This Friday we are featuring a great looking corner aquarium by AquaticLog user rdricken.


Here are a few words from the tank owner himself:

"Hello, I have been dabbling with reefing for almost 6 years. It is strange how addicting this hobby can be. 

I have never been fully satisfied with my coral colors and growth. After about 2 years I moved my sump to the basement and created a refugium with DSB hoping to improve my water parameters. My test results have always read very good, almost undetectable Phosphates, 0 Nitrates but my coral colors are not where they should be. 

I started using T5’s and last year switched to LED’s, of course right after I purchased the Radions they came out with a new model. It took long enough o take the wife into this purchase so I suppose it will take anther year or so to talk her into the upgrade. 

I recently decided to attempt a ZEOvit system. I replaced my refugium with a ZEO reactor yesterday and I am hoping to see significant improvement with my coral colors and growth. 

So, hopefully I will has something new to report in a few months. “