AOTW: Reef Sebasdiscus

This Friday we are featuring a fascinating reef aquarium from Spain by Sebastian Reyes.


This 130 gallon reef (56” x 24” x 24”) is simply breathtaking. Carefully planned aqua scape, mature and vibrant coral selection against a light blue background - you are in a fantasy land with this aquarium.


Sebastian’s photography is top notch, as you can see for yourself.


The reef is 4.5 years old and this maturity really shows.


Here are a few words from Sebastian himself:

I started with this exciting hobby in 1997, I always had enjoyed the animal world and always wanted to share with them a home. I got married and shortly after I started with aquariums.

I found stability with an aquarium of 60 liters with remembered my guppies, mollies, Cardinals etc, etc.. Did not last long, I knew little and went to 200 liters to try to bring up the fish that I was passionate about at the time, Discus fish. I was fortunate to make a couple and started to remove the fry, after having four aquariums in the dining room I decided to take a 180 degree turn to what hitherto maintained and reproduced, was to the marine big leap.

That was in 2004, I was almost gathering equipment for a year and in August 2005 began cycling the 300L aquarium, with lighting and set Hqi Aquamedic reef skimmer 500 as main equipment.

In December 2005 came my first one marine inhabitant Chrysiptera Parasema . In 2008 I decided to make an extension which is the aquarium that currently maintains at 500L.

My nickname is because my name Sebastian ”Sebas” and my fondness for the Discus.”


Extra kudos for featuring AquaticLog on one of the photos, what a nice touch!

Make sure to watch the videos and photos! This is a must see.

Sebastian, your tank is a true inspiration to many of us, you’ve done one amazing job with this tank and we certainly command you on it. Happy reefing!