AOTW: tailz's Discus Aquarium

This Friday we are featuring an aquarium that does differ from the main theme of this site. In fact, we’ve featured predominantly saltwater/reef aquariums and more infrequently planted freshwater aquariums. Today we are featuring a "Discus Aquarium". It is a whole other dimension of a freshwater hobby and it certainly takes a certain kind of dedication.


This 40 gallon system 18 different fish total, with quite a few kinds of Discus varieties. The tank is adorned by Anubias Barteri Nana plant.

One thing we know about discus is that you better keep up with water changes to ensure proper water quality. And the owner has certainly been doing this, having changed almost 70% of water for the month of October.


A few words from the owner:

"I hope everyone enjoys reading this aquarium’s story and looking at the photos. Many thanks to everyone at AquaticLog. Discus are quite a rewarding freshwater species to center an aquarium around, colorful and with lots of character."