AOTW: TinPan's Reef

This Friday we are featuring an absolutely stunning all-in-one 29 gallon aquarium, TinPan’ Reef by AquaticLog user tinpanva.


Many of us had started with all-in-one tanks, but not many have progressed this far before venturing onto something bigger. This 1.5 year old aquarium is definitely on its way to reach its peak.


Here are a few words from the owner Paul Ledford himself:

"For starters, a big thank you out to AquaticLog! I don’t know how I would manage all my information, reminders, and measurements without you!

Although this is my first aquarium, it’s not the first time I’ve been involved with one. Back in the late 70’s my father had multiple fresh and saltwater setups. I was always right there, just itching to get my hands wet. My friends and I would spend hours watching the fish, shrimp, and crabs. We would even scrape the algae off the glass top covering the tank and look at it under my microscope. We were fascinated with the pods and worms that grew there. Those were good times. Here we are, some 30 years later and I find myself thinking of those colorful tropical fish, and how relaxing it was to watch them. Over the years I always wanted to start a saltwater tank, but never found the time to research it. It was always on my “to do” list. It wasn’t until a few years ago while I was watching an episode of Tanked that the seed got planted in my head. I got on the internet and started looking for more information. I discovered reef tanks. Without having to do any further research I was hooked.

I read everything I could find on reef setups and decided I didn’t want to do all the upgrades I was seeing people do on the forums. I decided to just go ahead and buy all the cool gadgets I wanted up front. I knew it would take me longer to get the tank wet this way, but felt in the long run I would be better off. First off, an all-in-one tank with Halide lights. Pretty much turn key ready for a mixed reef. I knew I wanted a controller, an upgraded skimmer, MP10, and all the media racks. Even with all that planned out, I still ended up upgrading the skimmer even larger with the HOB-1. A Tunze ATO was added to help maintain the water height. And of course I just had to have the AI Vega’s I just saw at my local fish store. Well, there goes the promise I made my wife that this wasn’t going to be an expensive hobby.


Of course I still had to learn a few things the hard way, red bugs and bryopsis just to name a few. It’s a great hobby and I’m already planning a 60 cube with a 40b sump, so much for the other promise I made, only one tank.”


Head over to the aquarium’s profile page to read up more on its water parameters, maintenance routines, inhabitants and a gallery of beautiful photos and videos.

Paul, your achievement is truly remarkable and is certainly an inspiration for all those Nanocubers out there. Well done.