Aquarium of the Week: Chen's Mixed Reef

It is Friday, this means that you get to study and enjoy another awesome aquarium. 

This week we are featuring Chen Hopwood’s "First Mixed Reef" aquarium.

This 105 gallon reef aquarium features a striving selection of soft corals. Most of the corals and fish have photo profiles. Definitely make sure to check out aquarium’s videos.

Here are a few words from Chen himself:

Massive thanks to AquaticLog. Was amazed to hear that my tank had been chosen as TOTW.

When I first decided to venture into keeping fish as a pet/hobby, I never expected the hobby to lead where it has. Having no idea at all about keeping fresh or marine fish and having never owned a fish tank the last 8 or so months have been struggling, but also super rewarding. I am really looking forward to the next 12 months in the life of my tank and taking it to a greater level. 

The next steps for my tank will be more SPS making their home in my tank and more fish. I am glad that everyone else can take this journey with me. Also a big thanks to everyone on here who displays their tanks it is very motivational and I find it extremely encouraging watching what others are doing.

Once again big thanks for choosing my tank as TOTW.