Aquarium of the Week: d2mini's Reeftastic Mixed Reef

Some aquariums don’t need an introduction. Today we are featuring d2mini’s Reeftastic Mixed Reef as our Aquarium of the Week and many of you will recognize this famous aquarium from different forums.

This is a second aquarium by Dennis Desilva (his first cube aquarium was featured in different magazines, it was the model tank for EcoTech Radions) and it tops its predecessor in every way possible.

There’s so much to like about this tank: it is extra long (84”x24”x24”), has an enormous external sump with mangrove trees growing out of it, best of the breed equipment selection and a smorgasbord of corals and fish.

Dennis is a professional photographer, so you are in for a treat: each photo of the tank and its inhabitants is a delight.