Aquarium of the Week: Drummereef's 180g In-Wall Reef

This week we are featuring a great looking 180 gallon aquarium by Brett Voelker, AquaticLog user drummereef.

The tank features a lot of open space and does look like a scene from a sea floor. Corals and fish appear to be in great health and are sure to be appreciative of the aquarium’s dimensions.

But one thing that’s certain to make any reef junkie’s heart beat faster is Brett’s fish room. There’s probably a nurse and a pair of surgeons (!!!) standing around the corner.

And here are a few words form Brett himself:

"Thank you AquaticLog for choosing my reef tank for the weekly feature.  I’m glad to be a part of such an awesome community of aquarium hobbyists.  Happy reefing!”

Congrats on the tank, head over to the tank’s profile to find out more.