Aquarium of the Week: Mark Torng's Eternal Reef

It is Friday, a long weekend is ahead for some of us, so let’s enjoy and learn from another exceptional reef aquarium.

This week we are featuring Mark Torng’s “Eternal Reef” system.

This 300 (!!) gallon 72” x 36” x 20” aquarium seems to have the perfect dimensions. Not only is it wide so the fish can swim around freely, it features a considerable front-to-back distance and what better way to show it of than with myriads of SPS corals.

The tank is starphire glass and rimless.

Mark is running a all-out ZEOvit system, you can find out more by visiting the aquarium profile page under “Supplies”.

Over a hundred of Acropora species of corals, lots of nice looking fish, great overall system health all make this one outstanding aquarium.

Make sure to check out an awesome photo collection and many great videos.

Congratulations, Mark, on having this marvel of the system.