Aquarium of the Week: Phil Brisson's 370 gallon Reef System

This week we are featuring another large aquarium. Large enough to house a Vlamingii Tang (out of 1,500+ AquaticLog aquariums there are only two that have it).

So, without further ado here let’s take a look at Phil Brisson’s 370 gallon, 72x24x30 aquarium packed with quite an impressive collection of rare and large marine fish.

The tank is lit by three EcoTech Radion G2 light fixtures and is using an EcoTech’s MP60 for water circulation. Make sure to check out aquarium’s photos and videos (it not every day you get to see so many large and rare fish).

Here are a few words from Phil himself:

"Wow! my tank has been chosen TOFW? thank you so much guys! A lot of time and money has been invested in that project!

It all started 3 years ago. I had a 29g biocube before and jumped to a 220g right away. I made a lot of mistakes but I’ve learned a lot from them.

And now I’m the one helping others out with my group called Aylmer Salty’s.

Whats so special about my tank is I got a lot of “hey what is that fish doing in there?” or “you really have a Moorish idol for that long?”  or “what? 2 angels and they behave themselves?”

Everything is doing well, my tank is in cruise control. I’m loving it!

My future goals is to put my tank through ecomode. I wanna save as much energy as possible. Not sure when but it will happen

Anyways, Thank you Aquaticlog for this great site. It helps me a lot to remember everything I have to do, haha! Thank you guys!

As Phil points out in his personal message he is running an online community called Aylmer Salty’s trying to help others succeed in this remarkable hobby. 

Congratulations, Phil, for having such a spectacular success in this hobby and for helping others get better at it.