Aquarium of the Week: ReefMan's Zoa Aquarium

It is Friday, some parts of North America are experiencing a snow storm, what better antidote for those “winter blues” than our Aquarium of the Week feature.

This week we are featuring a 65 gallon aquarium with a stunning collection of zoanthid corals (over 30 different varieties). This is a mature tank as well - it has been running for 4.5 years now. Make sure to check out the video and photo gallery for some stunning imagery.

Aquarium’s owner Denis Jackson has a few words to go along with this post:

ReefMan Qc., ReefAquarist since 2003.

My 65g. mix reef tank, Zoanthids dominated (More than 30 species).

My Objectives: Have a nice tank, great colour without a sump, with basic equipment and a very simple maintenance.

Thanks Aquatic Log !

Denis, congratulations for having such an admirable aquarium!