Aquarium of the Week: Ryan and Sam's Room Divider

This Friday we are featuring a super impressive 6 footer by Samantha and Ryan Parsons.

One can never go wrong with a peninsula style aquarium, and this 6’ x 2’ x 2.3’ room dividing tank is no exception. It features a clean and natural aquascape that makes you appreciate that significant volume of water even more.

Lighted with 3 EcoTech Radions, this aquarium houses a superb selection of large corals and some really nice fish (including a Naso Tang). Make sure to check out the videos.

Here are a few words from Samantha herself:

"I am absolutely delighted to make aquarium of the week and would like to thank AquaticLog for giving us the opportunity to show off our hard work and dedication towards our tanks.

Ryan and I are new reefers and have found that AquaticLog has given us the inspiration to improve our maintenance and we have seen wonderful results.

Hopefully we can continue learning from everyone here and turn our beginners reef into a stunning one!”

Congrats, Sam and Ryan! Isn’t this an ultimate way to divide ANY room?