Aquarium of the Week: Simon's 93 gallon Cube

It is Friday and you know what that means. Today we are featuring a neat bare bottom 93 gallon cube by Simon Villeneuve.

This mature (almost three years) aquarium has got a very vibrant collection of corals, many of them laid out on the glass floor and the coralline algae carpet on the back wall is absolutely stunning.

As usual, make sure to check out aquarium’s photos and especially videos, they are a treat.

Here are a few words from Simon:

"Thanks for the nomination and your great site !

This is my first reef tank, started in 2010 and I’m still hooked to reef keeping and learning everyday !

The tank began with some soft corals and LPS but since the end of 2011 I’ve been gearing toward SPS, especially acroporas…

I got a bad crash this fall with some AEFW and lost many corals, but the tank is now back on track !

I don’t dose anything other than alk, calcium and magnesium and try to do 20% WC each month.

Small doses of GFO and carbon are also changed monthly.

I want to let this tank mature into a mixed reef with some LPS (chalices, favia etc…)

And I’ve just started and Acroporas garden 124g 50x26x22 tank to keep some nices pieces ;-)”

Congratulations, Simon, on achieving these impressive results! Can’t wait what Simon will do with the new tank he’s got up and running.