Aquarium of The Week

This week we are featuring an amazing reef tank by AquaticLog user, djkms. Here’s a few words from the man himself…


Thanks for featuring my 225 gallon aquarium here on Aquaticlog!  This system has been setup for just over 6 months now and is an upgrade from a 125 gallon that I previously had setup for over 2 years.  That system served me well for the place that I lived but upon moving it gave me an excuse to upgrade to a larger aquarium!  During the move I had all my livestock held for a couple months at a friends fish shop while my new aquarium was being built and shipped.  Unfortunately while in the shop my livestock went through a few stresses.  I had a couple temperature spikes, a couple alkalinity spikes and a weekend with no power.  This caused a few of my corals to brown out and I lost a couple of my longtime fish.  Once the new aquarium arrived I quickly got it setup in my new house.  I added around 100lbs of live rock on top of what I already had and I also switched from LED’s to Halides/T5’s.  Needless to say all these changes have really pushed my livestock to the limit.  I have lost a few corals and a few fish.  This has been causing a challenge for me to maintain low DOC and good water quality.  I have also had to deal with Cyano and have done a couple 3 days lights out to combat it. 

All and all it has been a real challenge to bring things back around with all these changes.  It is easy for us to talk about all the great points of our systems and not many want to talk about our struggles.  For me, I want to give everyone insight into not only my accomplishments but also my struggles.  

Aquaticlog has been a fantastic tool for me and I use it every chance I get to monitor and catalog my system.  I use just about every feature on the website and this is now my 2nd system which I have cataloged here on Aquaticlog.  I have every coral, fish and piece of equipment listed on the website.  I also religiously track  all my parameters, tasks, and do all my maintenance with the websites routine system.

I was hoping to get my profile completely updated with new pictures, videos and information but my wife just gave birth to our second daughter this week!  Needless to say I have not had much time to update this week but I do hope to get all new goodies on my profile this weekend.  Thanks again Dmitry for listing my 225 gallon system as Aquaticlog’s Aquarium of the week, I am honored!

Be happy and reef strong folks!

Once again, big congratulations to djkms (on two accounts!). Head on over to and check out his full profile for more details!