AquaticLog now supports EcoTech Radion's Lighting Schedule

EcoTech Marine is celebrating their 10 year anniversary and we’ve got a brand new feature for all EcoTech Radion users out there.

Sure, most of you are already using EcoSmart Live website to configure a custom lighting schedule for your fixtures, wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of all your previous lighting profiles, analyze them and share with others? Today you get all of this and more.

Simply upload one of your lighting profiles (you download them from EcoSmart Live website), specify the dates you’ve been running this schedule for and provide some commentary for future reference.

This configuration file will then be stored on AquaticLog website and other users can download your lighting profile to try it on their Radions and tweak them even further. Surely many of you have wondered what schedules some of the featured aquariums are running.

In addition to this, you get a few charts (all lights combined and individual) and a detailed break down of all your data points.

For someone who’s using T5s or Metal Halides it is quite easy to estimate total amount of light and compare it with other aquarists, but for a varied intensity complex schedule that is possible with LED controllers, it is much harder to gage the amount of light your corals are getting.

We introduce two ways to help you achieve this goal: first, we approximate the amount of hours your tank is getting of strong (70+% brightness), medium (50-70%) and low (20-50%) light and display them for each schedule.

Second, we add up all of that light hitting your tank at each minute through out the day and produce a number that should help you gage the total daily amount of light. This number will help you compare two different schedules (either with other aquarist’s profiles or your own).

You can upload multiple schedules as you continue tweaking them.

To engage this feature you must have a Radion fixture listed in your equipment, then a new button will show up on your “Equipment” page.