AquaticLog Sponsor: EcoTech Marine

It is with great pride that we’d like to announce that EcoTech Marine has become an AquaticLog’s sponsor.

EcoTech Marine is the industry leader for aquarium equipment and is famous for their range of VorTech powerheads as well as the exceptional Radion LEDs. It is no wonder that their products have the widest following in their class amongst AquaticLog aquarists, which you can make sure of for yourself.

EcoTech lighting is used by the top 2 AquaticLog users (d2mini and ssbk23) and is pretty much a unanimous choice for a powerhead amongst the top users.

EcoTech has recently released a new LED fixture: Radion XR30w Pro that we are extremely excited about. It’s already gotten some high praise reviews and we can’t wait to see its positive results on our users’ aquariums.

Here at AquaticLog we’d like to say thank you to EcoTech Marine for their support.