Happy New Year!

AquaticLog would like to wish all of you aquarists out there a Happy New Year! Let there always be water in your Auto-Top-Off container, your fish be healthy and fat, corals beaming with colour and equipment running smoothly.

(Superb photo by Shane Canellis, AquaticLog user ssbk23)

It has been a remarkable year for AquaticLog, our user base has increased dramatically, there are now 4,000 aquariums on the site.

Last year we featured 52 Aquariums of the Week and this year we are going to start with a new feature (announced tomorrow). 

A number of new features have been added:

  • Search for users and species
  • EcoTech Radion lighting schedule calculator
  • iPhone app got Diary, Water Changes and Dosing
  • Preferred measurements units make auto-conversion easier
  • Measurement clock
  • Popular photos
  • Reminders are now tied to your supplies and equipment
  • Friend and group timelines
  • Neptune Apex integration
  • Re-designed Aquarium Profile page
  • Improved layout, user interface and tweaks all around
  • Water changes totalling
  • And many, many more…

Big Thank You to AquaticLog’s wonderful sponsors:

  • EcoTech Marine
  • Marine Depot
  • AquaMaxx
  • Miracles Aquariums

Another Big Thank You goes to all of the Pro members of AquaticLog, your paid membership makes this service a sustainable business model.

2013 has been a spectacular year and 2014 promises not to disappoint!

Happy New Year!