Introducing Aquatic Points

While we are patiently waiting for Apple to approve our iPhone app, here’s another exciting addition to the site.

We are introducing AquaticPoints! A simple way for you and others to gage your aquarium activity. 

Every time you record a measurement, change water, feed your fish or perform any other aquarium activity you will earn Aquatic Points.

Your points score is an approximation of time and energy you spend on your aquarium and serves as an indicator to others about your experience.

Not all activities earn the same points, for example a larger water change (in percentage) will result in more points.

You accumulate points by

  • adding inhabitants, supplies and equipment
  • uploading photos and videos
  • commenting on other aquariums
  • having users comment on your aquarium
  • voting or getting voted for
  • adding diary entries
  • recording measurements
  • performing water changes
  • feeding, dosing
  • inviting others to join AquaticLog (a new feature)

Now here’s the most exciting part. On February 28 the top user will get a yearly subscription to CORAL Magazine. The top 10 users will get an additional month of Pro membership added to their account as well.