Preferred Measurement Units

Today we are unveiling a new feature: Preferred Measurement Units.

Most of us tend to have a preferred measurement unit for each water parameter. Some prefer Celsius when it comes to Temperature, some Fahrenheit. dKH may be the Alkalinity unit of choice or it could be meq/L. Don’t even start with Salinity…

Unfortunately your test kit may not share your preference and will provide you with a value in units that you will later have to convert. While AquaticLog has offered you a way to convert any measurement with just a couple of clicks, would not it be nice to automate that?

Well, now you can. Introducing Preferred Measurement Units.

Simply pick your favourite units, press “Update” and forget about it, we’ll do the rest.

Let’s say you are measuring Alkalinity with Hanna Checker and it gives you a measurement of 133 ppm. Simply enter it via website and press “Save”, voila! it will show up as 7.45 dKH if you’ve set dKH as preferred units.

And this works via iPhone and Android apps too. You can even apply this to your automatic Apex integration, so while your Salinity may be measured in ppt, it will show us as SG in your measurements.