This week we are featuring a wonderfully creative in-wall reef aquarium created by AquaticLog user, Summitwynds. Who would have thought of creating a reef theme on one side of the wall and a rain forest theme on the other side?! Genius! Here’s a few words from Summitwynds describing her journey and how this tank came about…


When I was a child, I wanted a fish tank.  My mother’s response was that it would be just a phase and I would not take care of it… well, 40 years later and here I am, with 2 tanks.  I had freshwater tanks since I talked her in to the 1st tank and always wanted to have a planted tank.  I tried, but was never successful until I read about Amano tanks and learned all I could about the right way to go about it.  I still keep a planted tank. (also on Aquatic Log)

After getting into the travel business and snorkeling in the Caribbean several times I became interested in Reefs.  I started small with a BioCube and had soft corals.  Disaster hit in December 2008 when we had an ice storm and lost power for a week.  This was also the same week my mother died.  I gave the tank away and waited about a year before starting up a reef tank in a 44 gallon - 5 sided corner tank.  I saw so many beautiful tanks on the forums and really loved the look of a the rimless tanks so I got a 75 gallon in our guest room and moved everything over.  I lost a lot of corals as I figured out how to keep things stable.  The best thing I did at that point was to put my system on an Apex with regular Calcium and Alkalinity dosing. My corals then began to thrive. 

I always wanted to have a built in tank, and got this crazy idea to open up the wall in the back of my office closet that was in the guest room.  I convinced my husband, and he did all the work this winter.  What a sweetheart!  I ordered a Miracles tank which arrived early February.  The photos tell the rest of the story.  I still have a long ways to go for the corals to fill in, but overall Im happy with the way things are going.  

Some of the best things of my tank are: 

-  the tank is open and the overflow is not the main attraction

-  the SeaSwirl keeps the flow random through out the tank

-  my fish are thriving thanks to the automatic feeder feeding twice a day, plus the Larry’s Reef Frenzy food (they love it) that I feed once a day.

I don’t know many of the names of my corals and to be honest, I mostly buy them based on the color.  

I try to be diligent about bi-weekly water changes.

I love my Apex as it allows me to travel and my tank isn’t a burden to my daughter.


The AquaticLog staff would like to thank Summitwynds for sharing her wonderful creation with us and allowing us to feature her tank this week! Don’t forget to check out her profile here on AquaticLog, and for more detailed information and pics of the build process, you can visit her build thread on ReefCentral.