Sponsor: Marine Depot

AquaticLog would like to welcome our new sponsor: Marine Depot.

Talk about a company that rarely needs an introduction. Recognized by everyone, Marine Depot is that Blonde Naso Tang in your reef aquarium - a big and remarkable entity. We are honoured to be sponsored by such a well-known, respected and trusted company.

Go ahead and join the Marine Depot group on the site and explore other aquariums that use Marine Depot on a regular basis.

MarineDepot.com is home to more than 7,000 popular and hard-to-find aquarium supplies. The Southern California company was founded in 1997 by self-professed “fish geek” Ken Wong after he became frustrated by the lack of selection and support provided by many local fish stores. MarineDepot.com started as a one-man operation in a one-bedroom apartment and is now the world’s #1 supplier of marine and reef aquarium supplies. If you have questions about the hobby, check out MarineDepot.com or call 1-800-566-FISH (3474) to speak with an aquarium expert about your next tank build.