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Welcome, Aquarium Enthusiasts!

Whether you’re on your first aquarium or your twenty-first, you undoubtedly know that the key to success is maintenance:  the feeding, dosing, water-changing, chemical testing, and so on.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of organizing and remembering.

AquaticLog makes the task easier by helping you organize and remember what you need to do.

Here’s how AquaticLog works:

Log:  Keep a log of your overall aquarium status, any unusual events, your fish breeding habits, and coral and plant growth.

Schedule:  Schedule upcoming aquarium cleaning, equipment replacement, water change, feeding, dosing and more.  AquaticLog will send you a reminder when each of these things needs to be done.

Record:  As you carry out the scheduled activities, record aquarium temperature, salinity, pH and other parameters. AquaticLog makes it easy to chart historical values to see how the highs and lows correspond with your maintenance activities.

Share:  Share your aquarium profile with others.  Look at other aquarists’ tanks and ask for advice on how to achieve similar results.  Let others learn about aquarium keeping by studying your records.

Organize:  Maintain a list of your fish, corals and plants. Keep track of your aquarium equipment and supplies.

View the Dashboard:  Each time you open the Dashboard, you will see all your latest measurements, records and activities on a single page, giving you a quick overview of your aquarium’s health.

Check out some other members’ aquatic logs. When you’re ready, return to this page and get started creating your own!