Year 2012

With a New Year just hours away (here in North America) and already in progress in other parts of the world we would like to say a few words with regards to the past year.

AquaticLog started in the beginning of 2012 and has seen a healthy and strong growth as a community. Aquarists all over the world utilize the site for various activities: recording water parameters, scheduling their maintenance, keeping an online aquarium profile and interacting with other members.

We’ve had over 200 new improvements and features added to the website. Here are just a few of them:

  • a public profile page for your aquarium
  • automatic dosing support
  • ability to move inhabitants and equipment from one aquarium to another
  • converting measurement units
  • smart reminders
  • all data is now exportable
  • comments, videos, statistics, searching… the list goes on

Numerous users have asked for a dedicated mobile app, after all a lot of you use your phones to enter parameters. We are glad to report that a brand new iPhone app is now being reviewed by Apple and hope that it will be available in the following days. A lot of hard work went into making this app and we think it is going to rock your world.

Finally, we want to say Thank You! This site has attracted so many great hobbyists with a vast range of experience and it is a joy to view your aquariums and learn from them.

We think that the next year is going to be even more exciting and will continue on our mission to deliver the best possible aquarist experience.

Happy New Year!!!